Pico Veleta Tour

Pico Veleta

Province: Granada
Route: Back and forth
Trip Distance: 78 kms
Time: 6h
Difficulty: Medium/ High
Ground: High Mountain

Our Tours Pico Veleta - Bike Station Marbella

The Granada town of Cenes de la Vega will be our starting point, a small town located downd Sierra Nevada at 740m above sea level. From here we will have to climb 40km approximately, by the highest road in Europe, which will lead up to the 3.398m altitude to the Pico Veleta.

Pico Veleta is the second highest summit of Sierra Nevada and fourth of Spain, only behind the Teide (Tenerife), Mulhacén (Sierra Nevada) and Aneto (Pyrenees). With the peculiarity that it is the only one that has a walkable road, almost to the same geodesic point.

Our Tours Pico Veleta - Bike Station Marbella

We will start our route going from Cenes de la Vega to Pinos Genil, quickly begin the first ramps that will leave us to see the hardness of our stage. Step by step we gaining height to overcome the 1,000m and start having a first view of the Quentar Reservoir, charge of supplying water to the city of Granada and all its riverside.

Without hardly realizing we will change of road direction to the visitor center El Dornajo, our first technical stop to regroup and replenish some food and water. The visitor center, gives us a perspective how was Sierra Nevada many years ago, its wealth and the use of livestock and mining, explaining graphically through 3D models what it was and what it is today.

Our Tours Pico Veleta - Bike Station Marbella

With new energies and having learned more about Sierra Nevada and its biodiversity, we will continue our way by the road of Las Salinas, a quieter road but with a bit more slope. We will quickly gain height and begin to feel its effects on our legs, as we going up will be alleviated thanks to the fantastic views the landscape offers around us.

Without almost realizing we will have surpassed the altitude of 2,000m and we turn to the left, leaving aside the junction would take us to Prado Llano, and taking direction to the area of Hoya de la Mora, well-known by all the fans to the Mountain and the Ski, and place of departure to confront the last segment towards the summit of Pico Veleta. At this point it will be where the assistance of our van will abandon us, for the lats segment about 13km, in this area circulation to unauthorized motor vehicles is not permitted. Before we get ready to leave, we must take some clothes, food and water, for this long and hard last segment to the summit.

Our Tours Pico Veleta - Bike Station Marbella

As soon as we leave the Hoya de la Mora area, we will enter a somewhat rough terrain that joins the altitude, making an impression on our legs. We can see the Virgen de las Nieves, a religious figure located in the heart of the Sierra Nevada with wonderful views, not only to the summit in the Pico Veleta, also to most of the other mountain peaks of Sierra Nevada.

With the altitude and the bad asphalt we will notice the effort, but the views and the closeness of our destiny, will help us to continue without stopping, unless we want to stop to enjoy so much beauty. Thus we will continue until the 3,000m of height to approach to the top of our Pico Veleta, a wonder of nature that we are seeing closer, about 2km from the top disappears completely the asphalt and begins the last section which will be the last effort before the Pico Veleta at 3,398m.

Our Tours Pico Veleta - Bike Station Marbella

When we are all grouped we will take the traditional group photo at the top, and remind us that we climbed the highest mountain road in Europe, and be able to joke a little with our friends, especially with those who have never been able to stay in the summit of Pico Veleta, a pretty hard but full of effort and reward equally stage.

After the photo we will prepare to make the descent to meet with our support team, always with great caution, and enjoying to the maximum of the wonderful views that we will see in each curve or in every straight, the constant zigzagging will make us look like we are watching a movie, because of the great contrast in the different landscapes.

Our Tours Pico Veleta - Bike Station Marbella

Back in the Hoya de la Mora, we will regroup for the long and fun descent, to our starting point in Cenes de la Vega. There we will take our vehicles to move to the neighboring town of Güejar Sierra, and get to the restaurant Maitena, an idyllic place right at the confluence of the Genil and Maitena rivers, where we will enjoy a well-deserved lunch and its frozen waters, coming from the thaw in its north face, to refresh our bodies, not for long since it is difficult to be able to endure much immersed in its cold waters. All livened up by the good cuisine of Granada and refreshed with the typical Alhambra beer, to finish a sensational cycling day.

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