Terms and Conditions

Terms And Conditions

Terms and condition to hire bicycles with SAXONBY S.L CIF - B-92472455, in the future Bike Station Marbella:


1.- To Hire a bicycle the customer must bring the Passport or any other document to proves the identity, also a credit card that will serve as deposit. No charge will be made to the account, unless an incident occurs during the rental period and requires some payment by the customer.

2.- Signing the contract, customer accepts all the terms and conditions listed on it. It will be obligatory signing the contract to remove the bicycles hired.

3.- Bicycles rented to minors under 18 years old, will be with the consent of his Father, her Mother or Guardian, who must sign a contract where they are responsible in any action taken by the minor in the use, care or damages that could cause the bicycle.

4.- Bicycles are collected and delivered within Bike Station Marbella business hours, from 10:00h. - 20:30h. Monday to Friday and from 10:00h. - 13:30h. Saturday. Bicycles require home delivery will be at the agreed time, the price of the service will depend on the distance from the delivery address.

5.- The bikes returned out of time without notice, should pay a plus depending on the delay time.

6.- Once the rental is completed by the customer, Bike Station Marbella staff will test the bikes and the components, to check that everything is in perfect condition.

7.- Bicycles will be fully checked by qualified Bike Station Marbella staff, ensuring the perfect operation.


8.- To reserve a bicycle is necessary confirmation by Bike Station Marbella, confirmation will be effective with the payment of a deposit by the customer, will be deducted when the bike is collected. The deposit will be according the bikes and days rental.

9.- Booking can be made by phone +34 952861807, by email: info@bikemarbella.com, through the booking form on our website www.bikemarbella.com or in our physical store with address in: Avd Arias de Velasco, 8 - CP 29601 - Marbella - Málaga.


10.- Payment of the reservation can be made by credit card, bank transfer or cash. For payment by credict card, the Bike Station Marbella staff, will send you a link, or bank account number by transfer. 11.- To collect the bicycles the payment have to be made. Bicycles can not be removed without having made the total payment previously agreed.


12.- Bike Station Marbella offers guide service, not included in the rental price. The guide must be booked in advance, they are professional and great experience. The guide service will be paid in addition to the rental service.


13.- For any cancellation, the customer must inform in advance, If the cancellation is made before the 7 days prior to the hiring, 30% of the reservation can be recovered, 15 days before hiring date 50% of the reservation can be recovered, and 30 days before 100% can be recovered.

14.- The return of bicycles before the contracted date, illness, accident, weather problems etc., does not require Bike Station Marbella to return the money.
br> 15.- Bike Station Marbella is not responsible for the weather, so it will not be possible to change dates of reservations, unless the new requested date is free and there is availability of previously booked bikes.


16.- Bike Station Marbella has a liability insurance included in the price of bicycles, but is not responsible for damages, injuries or problems suffered by the customer, or that could cause this to third parties during the rental period..

17.- The customer is solely responsible for both bicycles, components and accessories provided in rental, like pump, repair kit, pedals, etc. Any damage caused by falling, or misusel, must be paid by the customer, according to current rate.

18.- The customer is responsible for storing the bicycle in a safe and well-guarded place, bicycle theft or loss is the responsibility of the customer, must pay the total price of the bicycle and all its components and accessories, according to the current rate.

19.- The customer is the only responsible riding the bicycle, respecting each and every one of the driving regulations in our country.

20.- This contract is governed by Spanish law. The place of Jurisdiction will be exclusively Marbella, in the province of Malaga, Spain.

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